#THC2020 | An Interview with Dominic Ratliff of Happy Hemp Farmacy LLC

Photo Cred to HHF

What motivated you to travel to The Texas Hemp Convention?

We wanted to see other markets out of town. We’ve been focusing on the Southeast and getting a lot of exposure back at home. We wanted to brand-out to see what other states and communities are doing.

We’re trying to be a part of the community, and we love to talk to people. Texas was nice to us. We met a lot of farmers, lots of networking connections, and soon we’d like to travel more. We’d like to get our brand out there and show what we like to do.

I just want to put out quality craft products for people that they can enjoy.

Dominic Ratliff

What’s your growing background?

My mom. She lives in Florida and grows a lot of different aloe vera, elephant ears, pineapple trees, and banana trees. She’s only a postal worker but her hobby is having a garden.

My grandma used to grow tomatoes and stuff like that when I was younger. She’s no longer with us today however, she’s always been part of me growing.

When I was in college, my friends gave me an opportunity to learn and educate myself on how to do it, and I just went from there. 

Photo Cred to HHF

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