#THC2020 | An Interview with Dominic Ratliff of Happy Hemp Farmacy LLC

Photo Cred to HHF

What were some challenges getting your license?

This year it was over thirty-five hundred applicants. We were actually kind of nervous because so many people were applying. They run a background check on you. I don’t have any felonies, never been in trouble so that was easy. 

Of course it’s a money thing as well. Luckily, we started out with two acres so it was only three hundred bucks for us to start out. They approved us for a year and a half right now. The good thing about it, it’s going so well. You don’t have to wait to till fill out an application any more.

Now you just fill it out, and usually hear back in about a month or so if you’re qualified. We’re licensed at 3 different locations. I grow indoor and outdoor so that’s how we got started.

To find more about Tennesse’s state licencing,

Check out the TN Department of Agriculture website.

Tell us about your 7-pack premium hemp pre-rolled flower.

You have a light clean taste with a blue terp and everybody seems to love it. They come in tin cans that are smell-proof. We do wholesale deals too. You get 5 cans in 1 box that you put on your counter display in your retail store. What’s different with our pre-rolls is we use premium flower.

A lot of people out here are using trimmings. It’s not a good flower and doesn’t smoke well. So we try to use a clean premium flower and we pack it ourselves. I haven’t used the trim machine nor used a pack machine, I do everything by hand. 

It seems like a lot of these rolling machines pack them too tight so it won’t burn right. What I do is break my own bud down and pack it myself. It’s a lot on your hands, but I want to give something perfect for the people out here.

Treat the plants like your own kids

Dominic Ratliff

How do you maintain such a patient process? 

I used to play sports. Kobe Bryant was my icon, my role model. Even though I never met him, he just spoke to me. He’s really inspirational. He was dedicated to his craft. He has this thing called the “Mamba” mentality. Whatever you do, whatever you love, go hard at it.

Always be dedicated and just remember at the end of the day,  you’re doing this for you, and the people that you care for. And, I care for everybody. This is what type of person I am.

If you want to be part of our brand, Im’ma make sure you get the best quality craft help that you can get. I try to always remember that to keep myself going.

Photo Cred to HHF

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