#THC2020 | An Interview with Dionne Davidson of Houston Academy of Cannabis Science

According to The Minority Report 2018:

Only 10% of women have positions with cannabis investment.


Women are pushing hard to find more success rather than letting the obstacles stop them. Ancillary firms and technologies are becoming a prime target for women wanting to start their own cannabis business.

The Minority Report 2018
C.E. Hutton Faith Integrity Trust

Texas’ own #THC2020 vendors, owners of Nu-Wellness Today and Houston Academy of Cannabis Science educators, The Davidson family aren’t letting anything stop them from reaching their hemp goals.

Introduce yourself to the people.

Hi, my name is Dionne. I am the Marketing Director for the Houston Academy of Cannabis Science. I’m passionate about this beautiful plant that we call cannabis, and what it can do to help people. Not only does it offer relief from pain, anxiety and depression, it really is something that brings people together. That’s what we’re all about, love. And, it’s what we believe in.

What motivated you to travel to The Texas Hemp Convention?

This is a big deal in Texas. It’s so new here. Myself, my sister Devae, along with our mother Dr. Davidson, who is the CEO and Founder of the Houston Academy of Cannabis Science, want to be a part of the growth. 

The Texas Hemp Convention is definitely worth the investment. I mean, you can’t put a price on the amount of people that we’ve made amazing connections with.

It’s crazy being a part of the academy. Inside of two years, we have our retail store Nu-Wellness Today, so it’s only up from here. It’s a bonus to have product to show. We’re really excited about where it’s going, and looking forward to the future.

Are you crunk about all the opportunities waiting for you in the hemp market?

So are we!

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