#HarvestMoon | An Interview with Dominique & Brian of Sterling Alternatives

Out of Columbus, Ohio, Dominique & Brian came together from different sides of the cannabis plant before creating Sterling Alternatives. Sterling Alternatives is focused on combating the struggles women face each menstruation cycle with broad-spectrum CBD products.

On their journey for quality information in the psychedelic space, they found a lack of people of color in the industry and knew they wanted to create opportunities for other black and brown individuals looking to enter the market.

Keep reading to find out how they’ve adapted their business to the new normal and what keeps them going during COVID19.

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Let’s Get Lifted!

Drops or salve?


If you could be a cannabis superhero, who would you be?

CannaMan & KiefChick

What are your top 3 smoking songs?

Savage – Megan Thee Stallion ft Beyoncé, Day & Night Kid – Kudi, & Mask Off – Future


Prior to starting Sterling Alternatives, my partner and I had starkly different experiences with cannabis, both positive & negative. However the more we searched for products and wanted to try things, the less reliable information we could find. We then were introduced to Cannabis Talk 101, and from there the world of Cannabis was wide open to us.

Dab into Business!

How did you get started; why?

Both of us were tired of the lack of diversity in Cannabis, and wanted to create a space where not only can we create a business for ourselves, but we can help other POC along the way.

What’s your niche? How do you stand out from others?

Sterling Alternatives focuses primarily on menstruation and all of the associated struggles that can come with it. And because we understand that being THC free is important to a large number of people, we also wanted to ensure that we offered the best Broad Spectrum products that we could.

What excites you about being in the industry?

The fact that we have a chance to be Cannapreneurs and build something for ourselves, our families, and our community is what brings us such joy & excitement. The industry is so new & fresh, so we have a great chance to accomplish this goal.

Storms don’t last forever, and neither will this pandemic.

Dominique & Brian

Pass it Around!

What are your thoughts on CBD businesses as essential, coronavirus, COVID-19, government relief, and/or patient access?

I think it’s about time all cannabis is deemed essential, since it’s been proven time & time again that there can be some amazing health benefits for people with safe use. It’s a landmark decision that should set a precedent to make some changes on a federal level. We believe in regulation, not restriction.

What are some of the effects COVID-19 has had on you, family, friends, your businesses, etc.?

Personally, both myself & Brian are now working from home full time, and only leave for anxiety fueled grocery trips lol. It’s isolating at times, but it’s the safest way to avoid getting sick! We’ve seen local businesses step up and offer solutions/support and we want to do the same.

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How has your business adapted to the pandemic?

We were already extremely focused on cleanliness (one of us had a germ phobia prior to this lol) and have began completing orders wearing masks & gloves for extra sanitation. We’ve also been having lots of sales & deals to lower prices for our customers at this time.

What are some of the experiences people have shared for coming to you during this time?

People are scared & anxious. There’s so much uncertainty surrounding the economy, the global pandemic & their own personal health that they’re coming out looking for help & support, and that’s what we are here to provide. Our customers include front line essential workers that count on us and we can’t let them down.

What’s your silver lining?

Storms don’t last forever, and neither will this pandemic. We just need to get over this health crisis and as a nation, adjust to healthier lifestyles. Only then life can get back to our new normal.

What’s some advice you have for other CBD businesses?

Do your research, and don’t lose your morals!

What are some tips for self-care during #StayatHome?

Be kind to yourself, and don’t feel forced to come out of this with a new skill/money making scheme. It’s okay to rest.

Do have you any specials, giveaways, discounts you’d like to add?

Yes we do! Currently everything is BOGO free, with the exception of our bundles. We’re also getting in some PPE! Stay tuned for announcements on that ☺️

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@SterlingAltern8 is a black woman owned CBD brand from Ohio! We’re broad spectrum so everything is completely THC free. CBD is awesome for cramps, anxiety & muscle pain.


Any Shout outs?

Yes! @CopperHouseDet for being the most awesome, female-owned cannabis-friendly AirBnB in Michigan, and @columbusbotanicaldepot for being a great resource in our area for first time patients!

How can people find you?

IG: @SterlingAlternatives, FB: Sterling Alternatives, & Twitter: @SterlingAltern8

Website: www.sterlingalternatives.com


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