#HarvestMoon | An Interview with Tracey Schultz of PuffnPretty

Tracey Schultz rarely saw people who looked like her in the cannabis industry, and fewer products made and catered to the African-American culture. So she decided to be the change and create PuffnPretty, a brand to inspire, educate, and provide products for African-American professional women.

Read on to find out what excites her about being in the industry…

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Let’s Get Lifted!

Drops or salve?


If you could be a cannabis superhero, who would you be?

Goddess Ganja

What are your top 3 smoking songs?

Mary Jane, Bomb Bud, Fried Day


I’m Tracey Schultz, mental elevation guru and founder of PuffnPretty.

I currently work as a healthcare business analyst and I am an introvert. I transitioned from prescription drugs to cannabis for my multiple sclerosis diagnosis. I currently balance being a single mom, caring for my dad, career, and entrepreneurship.

I’m interested in creating my own CBD/THC strain and use my brand PuffnPretty to remove the stigma of the plant.

Dab into Business!

How did you get started; why?

I got started by going to hemp conventions. I attended networking events in the Dallas area to become familiar with the industry. I rarely saw someone who looked like me. I didn’t see products made for me that catered to my culture. I decided to be the change and created a brand to inspire, educate, and provide products for women like me.

What’s your niche? How do you stand out from others?

I help professional African American women living with multiple sclerosis feel confident with using hemp to elevate their wellness. I stand out because I focus on creating products for women and represent my culture.

What excites you about being in the industry?

The vast opportunities the industry can provide for African Americans.

I see us owning farms, creating grow houses, creating brands, and strains that cater to wellness. This is our time to seize the industry, make us a priority and establish generational wealth through wellness.

“Plants over pills.”

Tracey Schultz

Pass it Around!

What are your thoughts on CBD businesses as essential, coronavirus, COVID-19, government relief, and/or patient access?

The CBD business is completely essential at this turbulent time. Everyone such as the elderly, children, and pets benefit from CBD. COVID has wreaked havoc on the world. The government smh – we have to save ourselves. Patient access is ridiculously shitty for those living in restricted states.

What are some of the effects COVID-19 has had on you, family, friends, your businesses, etc.?

It has bought about great pain and suffering to everyone and everything. Im looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.

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How has your business adapted to the pandemic?

It’s adjusting. I’m still in my starter stages so it’s been a matter of remaining focused on the overall goal and building relationships with those on the same path.

What are some of the experiences people have shared for coming to you during this time?

They are looking to educate themselves more about hemp. Many are expressing the need to learn news ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

What’s your silver lining?

That we will all do better and be proactive about our health and wellness. 

What’s some advice you have for other CBD businesses?

Keep going. CBD is very necessary and a great business that promotes well being.

What are some tips for self-care during #StayatHome?

Meditate, spend time in nature, do yoga exercises and read.

Do have you any specials, giveaways, discounts you’d like to add?

10% off rolling trays with code PUFF

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@PuffnPretty Elevating Wellness One Puff At A Time.


Any Shout outs?

Shouts out to everyone who took the time to read my story, thank you.

How can people find you?

IG: @puffnpretty, FB: PuffnPretty2, & Twitter: @puffnpretty

Website: https://puffnpretty.myshopify.com/


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