Blogging Your Cannabis Business 101

Cannabis companies have restrictions on how they advertise their products, services, and brands regardless of the growth and the increasing public acceptance of the industry.

When you share interesting and educational blog content that aligns with your target audience, there is a better opportunity for them to share it through their social media profiles with friends and fans. Those shares give you two things: brand awareness and traffic to your site.

61% of US costumers have agreed to have made a purchase based on a blog post or follow advice given by a blogger.


Are you lost as to where to start? We got you covered. Here is a brief intro to get you going.

What is Blogging?

Blogging began in the late nineties. Since 9/11, a ton of new or re-centered sites have redesigned the internet media environment. Today blogging has found its way to being an essential part of online culture.

Think of it as a digital version of journaling. Journal entries evolved from journal logs to web-log. Then from web-log, it was shortened to blog (we(blog).

Why Blog?

People blog for reasons, such as writing about their personal experiences, getting money, sharing knowledge, engaging customers, etc. The most common reason people blog is they get to write out their passion which should be the main reason for blogging for any writer.

If you are here, you have a passion for the plant – blogging offers an avenue to educate your audience and show a personable side to your brand while becoming a trusted brand and a valued member of the community.

Studies show 70% of consumers learn about a company through articles, rather than ads.


Blogging Best Practices.

Blogs are updated frequently, meaning new content is uploaded several times a week. Also, they allow the reader to engage through comments to discuss topics.

  • Be conversational. Think of it as a two-way conversation.
  • Be a storyteller. Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  • Keep it under 400 words. Make it short and sweet.


Blogs are a strength. It’s 2021, and if you are a business owner who has not started a blog yet, it should be a primary goal for you.

As long as you have a passion for the topics your write about, people will feel your energy and value your work!

Do you plan to start a blog? Let us know in the comments section below.

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