#Relevnt | An Interview with Cintia Morales, Co-Founder of Higher Education Hemp Tours

In this weeks podcast, we interviewed Cintia Morales Co-Founder of Austin, Texas based Higher Education Hemp Tours. We talk about how Hemp Tours came about, why she’s fighting to educate people, and her thoughts on cannabis marketing.

Let’s Get Lifted!

Drops or salve; Why?

Salves, bc I can apply it on almost anything!

If you could be a cannabis superhero, who would you be?

Tejana Terpenes

What are your top 2 smoking songs?

Any Dre & Snoop song has my vote.

Dab into Business!

How did Higher Education Hemp Tours get started; why?

In 2018, I was at a crossroads with my career and decided to take a break. At that time, my friend/business partner Leah, was going through something similar. Seeing that I was on a break, I decided to accompany her to Kentucky to learn more about hemp. As a result, we realized that we wanted to be in the space.

After the 2019 Texas Hemp Bill passed, and we were able to start realizing this dream.

We followed our strong suites (teaching and business consulting) to create Higher Education Hemp Tours – an educational consulting team for new consumers and entrepreneurs in the industry.

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What’s Higher Education Hemp Tours’ niche in the cannabis space? Why?

Education & Consulting. We call it EduTainment. In other words, we curate unique experiences, and educational materials for consumers and brands. We do not sell any products.

Did you face any legal or criminal barriers to cannabis entry?

Just the normal legal barriers with our legal team and accountant team trying to explain the space. And, having our process payment shut down time and time again because our customers are cannabis businesses.

What are some talents, skills, experience, and knowledge you transferred to cannabis.

Teaching! That has been my passion for years. I have been an educator for over 15 years now and luckily that has been an easy transition to this.

What are some talents, skills, experience, and knowledge you picked up while in the cannabis space?

I’ve genuinely picked up having and setting boundaries. Unfortunately not everyone in the industry is here to help out the community and only really want to help themselves. I’ve learned to say no to the right people.

What tech tools did you use to start Higher Education Hemp Tours?

Sooooo many; where do we begin. For our online courses, we use the Teachable platform. We use Clickfunnels for our website. In addition, we use Canva, Later, Flowpage, and MailChimp to create content.

How does Higher Education Hemp Tours stand out from other brands within your target population?

Currently, we do not see many people doing what we are doing, so that is one way of standing out. However, the best way is that we work with Verified brands. Higher Education Hemp tours makes sure that the brands we present to the community, follow the following 5 things minimum: 

1) License: Reseller certificate and hemp license (if applicable)

2) Insurance: General Liability /Product Liability

3) ​Lab Testing: if retailing cannabinoid products, 3rd party full panel COAs available on request (if applicable)

4) ​Quality Products: no artificial additives or ingredients in products you manufacture or retail

​5) Attitude: a commitment to the future of the hemp industry

Tell us about Higher Education Hemp Tours’ top selling, promotional, or new product or service.

Our Top consulting service is our Inner Circle Business Builder. And our top event so far has been our SUP summer series: Stand up & Smoke.

Pass it Around!

What have been some of the highlights of marketing Higher Education Hemp Tours? Example.

Cross-marketing with some of the leaders in the industry has worked best. We have spoken at a variety of Cannabis and Hemp expos so being able to promote ourselves to our market with them has worked out great. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of restrictions when it comes to normal marketing strategies.

What have been some of the challenges Higher Education Hemp Tours faced with marketing?

Even though Higher Ed Hemp Tours are not “plant touching” we are still flagged in all socials and are not able to market like a normal business.

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What’s Higher Education Hemp Tours silver lining to challenges?

The silver lining is that it has forced us to think of ways to DIRECTLY communicate with our target audience, so we have switched to a lot more collaborations and content creating in a variety of platforms.

What are some best practices for advertising your brand?

Since we are not plant touching, and our focus is educating, we have teamed up and collaborated with already on going events that don’t have to do with cannabis or hemp. That 1) helps us reach a new audience 2)allows us to directly connect with new people.

What are some best practices for growing your audience on social media?

Be strategic, authentic, and smart about what you post. Make sure you are aware of the banned hashtags and wordings from some social media platforms. Also, tag and comment as much as you can! Interaction is key!

What’s some advice you have for folks that want to enter the space?

Take a look at the supply chain, the ENTIRE SUPPLY CHAIN, and see where your expertise would fit! Don’t try to do something you have never done without having the right team or people around you that can support and advise .

Do have you any specials, giveaways, discounts you’d like to share?

Higher Education Hemp Tours has special events coming up so follow our flow.page/hemptours for all the upcoming events. We also share all of our partners sales and discounts there .


How can people reach Higher Education Hemp Tours?

+19567396174 or

Higher Education Hemp Tours Social media pages

Instagram: @hemptours ; @hempbusinessbuilder 

Facebook: @officialhemptours ; @hempbusinessbuilder

TikTok: @hemptours 

Twitter: @HEhemptours

Youtube: youtube.com/lsmediatx

Higher Education Hemp Tours Websites


Any Shout outs?

Shout outs to all of our Inner Circle group that has helped worked correctly for this plant and all of its history.


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