Best Ways to Start Growing Your Own Cannabis

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We all know the benefits of cannabis, and many people are already buying it. However, what about growing your own cannabis?

Growing cannabis indoors will interest any person who is thinking of becoming self-sufficient or as a hobby.  And, it’s legal to grow cannabis in many parts of the US and throughout much of the world.

If growing your own cannabis speaks to you, keep reading for tips on the best ways to start.

Why Should You Grow Your Own Cannabis?

Growing cannabis is accessible and can be a great hobby. You can learn a lot about the plant and its history, and you’ll love the rewarding feeling of harvesting the fruits of your labor.

Here are a couple of more reasons why you should grow your own cannabis:

  • You know that the product is clean and organic.
  • You know what you put into it, so there is no need to worry about harmful substances like commercial cannabis products such as insecticides, herbicides, or other chemicals.


Cannabis plant growing in pot
Image by Jirapong Pnngjiam from Pixabay 

Cannabis Plant Basics

Three different cannabis plants are part of the cannabis family. These plants are hemp, marijuana, and cannabidiol (CBD). These three types of cannabis all come from the same species but have very different uses. Hemp makes products like food, clothes, and even biofuel. Marijuana is used for recreational or medicinal situations. Lastly, CBD oil comes from the hemp plant and is used for medicinal purposes as well.

The most significant difference between these three types of cannabis is their THC content. Hemp has no THC content, while marijuana has high levels (5% to 30%). CBD oil has trace amounts of THC (<0.3%). This makes it legal in many states because it does not meet the criteria for a controlled substance.

Cannabis plant growing in pot
Image by Jirapong Pnngjiam from Pixabay 

Best Ways to Start Growing Cannabis?

If you’re thinking about growing cannabis, you already know that it’s not a quick and easy process. Whether you’re new to this or refreshing your grow game, we have some tips on what we think is the best way to start growing cannabis.

Here are our tips on how to start growing cannabis:

Set up the space where you want to start growing your own cannabis.

To grow plants indoors, you will need a space that is clean, ventilated, odorless. And well-lit. If your home doesn’t have an ideal space, there are plenty of options that will work for growing plants indoors. You can use any room with a window or door that can be opened. 

We recommend using a smaller space or hallway if possible, so it’s easier to control the temperature and humidity levels.

Next, install lights and fans in your chosen space to provide adequate illumination and ventilation. Then, make sure you have power outlets installed so that the lights and fans can be plugged in.

Get some seeds of your favorite strains of cannabis plants.

Choosing the right strain of cannabis plants can be tricky. What’s even more confusing is trying to figure out which ones are the best for beginners. This article will help you get some seeds of your favorite strains to start growing your own plants.

All plants require different levels of care, so it’s essential to find one that suits your wants and needs. If you’re new to growing cannabis, you should look for a plant with low maintenance or easy for beginners. Some strains, like Blue Dream, are good choices because they offer high yields with low care needed. Other popular beginner-friendly strains include Strawberry Cough and Super Lemon Haze.


Make sure the pot has a drainage system.

It is typical for beginners to make the mistake of filling the pot with soil that doesn’t have a drainage system at the bottom. This can lead to over-watering, which is one of the most common reasons for plants dying. Ensure that your pots have an adequate drainage system before filling them up with soil or coco coir.

Place the pot in a sunny location.

Choosing an area where the pot will have plenty of sunlight, good airflow, and room to grow is essential. Ideally, the pot should be placed in a sunny window that gets a lot of natural light. If your windows don’t get a lot of natural light, you can use grow lights to simulate sunlight.

The pot should not be placed near any drafts or vents from the heater or air conditioner because it will dry out the plant and not thrive. It is also best if there are no windows nearby because this will cause too much direct sunlight, which could cause scorching of the plant.

Watch over your plants daily.

Plants need water just like humans. The only difference is that plants cannot ask for help, so it is essential to watch over them daily.

Watch over cannabis plants daily just like you would any other plant. If the soil has dried out, water the plant until the water drains from the bottom of the pot. It is also essential to trim leaves and remove dead leaves and flowers so that mold will not grow on them.

Cannabis plant growing in pot
Image by Jirapong Pnngjiam from Pixabay 


We hope this article has helped make an informed decision about the many aspects to consider when planting and growing cannabis. 

Feel like giving your entrepreneurial streak a stretch? Let us know about any tips you use when growing your own cannabis in the comments below.


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