Outdoor Cannabis Growing Tips for Beginners

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Many factors go into growing outdoor cannabis. The climate, the amount of space you have, the type of soil you use, and the time of year are all considered before planting your first seed. 

However, it can be gratifying if you do your research and follow these tips!

What is Outdoor Cannabis Growing?

Outdoor cannabis growing is planting cannabis in the open air, as opposed to within a greenhouse. This kind of cannabis growing is often practiced in rural settings, often on farms with significant land holdings.

It’s a popular method because it offers many advantages that indoor growing cannot provide. One is the superior quality of the cannabis plant from increased exposure to natural sunlight and elements such as wind and rain.

The Benefits of Outdoor Cannabis Growing

Outdoor cannabis growing gives you access to better sunlight which helps produce more potent buds with less THC. The plants grow healthier and more robust and require fewer resources like water, soil, and pesticides.

Here are some other benefits to outdoor cannabis growing:

  • You can grow different plants in conjunction with their marijuana plants, such as vegetables or fruits.
  • Reduces the use of artificial lighting, saving on electricity consumption.
outdoor cannabis growing
Photo by CV12 from Pexels


Outdoor Cannabis Growing Tips for Beginners

This section doesn’t teach the reader how to grow cannabis, but it provides a list of essential considerations before starting outdoor cannabis.

Selecting a Plant Variety

When choosing a cannabis plant variety, it is essential to consider the climate and the size of the grow space.

When choosing a cannabis plant variety, it is crucial to consider the climate and the size of the grow space. Different plants thrive in different environments, and other types of cannabis plants have varying space needs. For example, Sativas are better suited for tropical climates but require more space than Indicas.

Selecting a Location to Grow

  • Assess the area you have available to grow in. If it doesn’t have enough sun, think about bringing artificial light to the space or selecting another location.
  • Don’t plant near trees or other tall plants – they might shade your plants and stop the sunlight they need to grow well.
  • Ensure there are no power lines in your plan for where you might want to grow because they can interfere with the growth of cannabis plants.
  • If you’re growing pot outside, make sure that it doesn’t get too windy or hot. Too much wind can dry out your plants, and too much heat will end up harming them by slowing their growth rates down considerably.


Preparing the Soil for Growing Cannabis Plants

It is essential to prepare the soil before you plant your cannabis. Cannabis needs a lot of good, nutritious soil to grow and thrive. So you need to make sure that your soil doesn’t contain any impurities such as fertilizers or pesticides. 

You should also avoid heavy clay soil because it will not drain well and will be more difficult for the roots to grow. There are many ways for preparing the soil before planting cannabis, but here are some popular methods:

  • Tilling: This means turning over the top layer of dirt which helps break up the clumps in the soil and exposes weed seeds or roots that may have been missed during tilling by hand or tilling machine.
  • Composting: This is an excellent way to enrich your garden’s soils with nutrients from organic
outdoor cannabis growing
Photo by CV12 from Pexels

Materials Needed for Outdoor Cannabis Growing

Cannabis plants need more than just sunlight; they need warmth and water. A green thumb is the most essential ingredient for any outdoor cannabis grower. Patience is also necessary because it can take up to 6 months for an outdoor plant to flower.

So prepare yourself for a wait time!


Common Challenges in Outdoor Cannabis Growing

There are many challenges to growing it outdoors to produce a more considerable amount of cannabis. For example, when growing outdoors, there is a risk that storms or insects will eliminate plants.

Another challenge is that outdoor plants are more susceptible to outdoor pollution, leading to growers not achieving the desired high quality of cannabis.

Lastly, it is difficult to maintain the necessary humidity levels for plants in an outdoor environment.

outdoor cannabis growing
Photo by CV12 from Pexels

Security for Outdoor Cannabis Growing

Even if you can grow cannabis outside your area, it’s a good idea to take precautions so people can’t see it from the street. And, it is often law mandated. You can also grow your cannabis plants with other plants (like tomatoes or roses) to help them go unnoticed.

Cannabis can get pretty tall, so you’ll need to use training techniques to keep your plants shorter. If they’re too high, it’s easy for birds to reach them for a treat!

Take Away

Like humans, the plants will need plenty of heat, water, and light to thrive. Out of the many things that you need to know about outdoor cannabis grow, we hope this article has helped you with your journey!


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