The Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit Is Possibly Making History

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The CannabisArtGuild.Org’s inaugural Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit is an online gallery. Not only does it feature a curation of hauntingly beautiful paintings and sculptures, but it is created by emerging and established cannabis-inspired artists.  

What is the CannabisArtGuild.Org?

The CannabisArtGuild.Org is a full-throttle organization that believes in the versatility of cannabis. By the same, they showcase this by exposing works of art to normalize the plant worldwide. 

Equally, The Guild’s artistic endeavors have always been forward-thinking, and this is evident in their inaugural Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit. Open to the public on October 30th, this tailor-made spectacle has artists from all over the map working together for a collective vision of creativity.

So get excited! The haunting starts later this month, stays through November, and will take place throughout Halloween.

What is a Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit?

The Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Art is an acquired taste. Undoubtedly, there are shadowy pieces. Others are spell-binding; some might even be creepy.

Moreover, this is a fright night cerebral rush– without leaving the comfort of your caramel corn.

Further, it is strictly a grassroots initiative. Proceeds from the exhibition directly empower small cannabis farms in the Emerald Triangle following the California Wild Fires

Similarly, the Guild focuses on freeing cannabis prisoners.

Title : Fungal Friend
Artist : Sam Mason
United State
Title : Fungal Friend
Artist : Sam Mason
United States

Double, double toil, and trouble: What to expect at the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit. 

Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit visitors are in for a real treat this Halloween. They will have the chance to view never-before-seen artwork from some of the world’s most renowned artists while being immersed in an atmosphere complete with chilling musical sounds.

virtual haunted art exhibit flyer

Bone-chilling Musical Feature

Bridge City Sinners is a Portland-based traditional string band composed of five members who started their journey by performing on sidewalks. 

Nowadays, you can find this supergroup touring cities on the national circuit.

virtual haunted art exhibit band bridge city sinners

Thrilling Artists and Masterpieces

For centuries, cannabis-based art has been part of human expression. In as well for today’s artists participating in the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit.

These enchanted creatives from around the world have created fang-tastic pieces from painting to sculpture to digital art.

  • Tom Estes – England
  • Volkmar Hoppe – Germany
  • Trog – Australia
  • RonX111 – Australia
  • Destrola – Australia
  • Serge Goldwicht – Belgium
  • Kerry Cannon – U.S.
  • Natasha Kinaru – England
  • Gazink – Netherlands
  • Jessica Laura – U.S.
  • Wendy Love Edge – U.S.
  • Ryan Eric Kaminsky – U.S.
  • Angel Egle Wierenga – U.S.
  • MariHemp Shields – U.S.
  • Kirsty Memory – England
  • Roger Sonnenfeld – Sweden
  • Johannes Stotter – Italy
  • Stephen Jung – U.S.
  • Linda Biggs – U.S.
  • Sam Mason – U.S.
  • Sam Fontaine – U.S.
  • Iedda Shiotae – U.S.
  • Dawn Frasca Stancliff – U.S.
  • Michael Canadaman Gonzales – Canada

Howling Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) Auction 

In the past, Halloween was a day meant for children. However, as time has changed, so has the celebration of Halloween. This exhibit could be the first-ever cannabis community NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Auction. Spooky right! teamed up with Street Artist RonX111 and world-class animator Destrola. As a result, they will auction off a special Non-Fungible Token that will benefit Humboldt Grace’s Fire Recovery Project.

virtual haunted art exhibit nft auction page screenshot


The team of RonX111 with the actual originals, and then Destrola, who is the animation artist, are taking the cannabis community to a whole new level.

Australian Street Artist RonX111

RonX111 is an activist artist born in Australia, focusing on bringing balance and preserving the things he loves, from family to nature. In addition, one of his many talents is channeling his emotions and sharing them with the world through his art.

World-Class Animator Destrola

Destrola’s evolution to reinvent himself led him to realize he had a knack for understanding expression. Afterward, he used his skills to influence perceptions.

What are NFTs, and Why Should They Matter to Art?

Non-fungible tokens are a new digital asset. They are distinct because each token is unique and provides its individualized attributes. NFTs allow for the trading and selling products that cannot be replicated, like art or collectibles.

The idea behind these tokens is that NFTs can trade like stocks, but they also provide the same kind of transparency you would expect from physical objects.

The technology could benefit both artists and investors in the art market by creating more transparency in pricing, ownership, condition, provenance, and authenticity.

Australian Street Artist RonX111 explains NFTs

virtual haunted art exhibit nft auction page screenshot

How Artists can Sell Art Online with Blockchain

With the use of blockchain, artists can issue digital art and sell it online.

Blockchain uses cryptography to store and transfer data while making sure that the owner is the rightful owner. Rather, artists can safely sell their artwork without worrying about someone stealing it or copying it.

Blockchain also ensures transparency for both the artist and buyer. Hence, buyers can be sure that they are getting what they paid for – a genuine piece of artwork from an established artist with a verified identity.

How to Participate in the First Cannabis NFT Art Auction is embracing technology and the evolution of Fine Art. Visitors interested in becoming a part of history can do so on CannabisArtGuild.Org’s verified Rarible account

Join Rarible, follow CannabisArtistGuild.Org’s page, then start bidding!

Rarible is a digital art marketplace where users can buy and sell the rights to their creations. In fact, using Ethereum-based NFTs, arrangements can be made from anywhere in the world. This gives a user full ownership of a given piece of art.

The auction will take place on October 30th-November 30th. Everyone can watch the auction by following this link.

virtual haunted art exhibit nft auction page screenshot

How to Participate in The Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit

Witches and wizards 18 years and older can participate in the free exhibition by visiting Then click the “Enter Exhibit” button for your ticket to terror.

Final Thoughts

The future of Halloween is here! The virtual haunted art exhibit is a creepy-crawly innovation to satisfy the scream queen in everyone.

Visit now for more info. 


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