The Best Party to Celebrate Halloween at Home this Year!

Break the norm this holiday. Turn your blah Halloween into an immersive, virtual experience! Join CannabisArtGuild.Org‘s launch party on the for their latest exhibit, The Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit.

Besides, you can get a jump on Halloween at this event because the party starts on October 30th at 10 PM EST.

Secondly, visitors can get a VIP seat of what’s in store on Halloween at the launch party. There will be spooky music, interactive games, guests, and of course – high-end art.

But, last things first. Here’s more about the exhibit.

How to Participate in The Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit

Undead visitors who dare to enter the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit can do so for free by visiting at 12:00 PM EST on Oct. 30th. Once there, click on the “Enter Exhibit” button to explore the art gallery.

“I’d like people to walk away realizing that the Loving, Caring, Creative, Healing, All-Inclusive Cannabis Community they read about in books is real, alive, and waiting for them.”

Lee Estes

A Sneak Peek Into My Favorite Pieces at the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit!

Halloween- a holiday marked by the observance of all things spooky. In my opinion, The Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit brings eerie entertainment to a new level. 

The show features artworks from traditional paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Further, it includes photography, video art, animations, and digital art! Accordingly, artists from across the world showed up and show off their talent at this exhibition.

As an illustration, some of my favorites are: “The Weed Art Process” by Serge Goldwicht, “Light Amphibian” by Johannes Stötter, and “Dracula” by Natasha Kinaru.

Where Da Party At? WJAE420.Com

WJAE420 sprung from the creative minds of Angela and Wendy Love Edge. When the Edges started thinking about what they wanted to do with their station, they were interested in bringing the community together. Spiritually, they saw music, art & healing all coming from the same place.

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Cannabis gets a lot of attention, so the station gives cannabis & music lovers a larger, more diverse platform to promote their favorite topics. Wendy is one of them — she credits cannabis with saving her life. Angela seems to be all for this, and she doesn’t use weed, but she knows the importance of making sure that people have all the facts about it.

Simply go to WJAE420.Com and click “Listen Now” to pull up to the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit Launch Party.

What to Expect at the Party

Join WJAE420.Com on October 30th at 9 PM EST for the free, live audio Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit Launch Party hosted by the Cannabis Community’s Master of Macabre Lee Estes. Undoubtedly, he’ll be sharing rotting tricks, treats, and tunes that guarantee to give you the creeps!

The evening includes:

Hear shout-outs from some of your favorite cannabis community activists. 

Hear from some of the Cannabis Community’s famous activists such as Richard Rose, Wendy Love Edge, Candis Dyer, and Marihemp Shields. Then, learn about their backgrounds, what they’re doing now, and what their passions are. Discover how these individuals are effecting change in their communities today.

Play an interactive cannabis game. 

Play Smoke the Ghost with the audience. Not only is Smoke the Ghost an interactive cannabis smoking game but, this game is a spin-off of the classic drink-on queue game. Instead of alcohol, players match the Ghost’s puff every time he hits his ghostly bong during the program.

Take the virtual haunted art exhibit challenge. 

The first person to email the correct answer gets the prize! Emails timestamp will determine the time of the submission.

Identify the dead cartoon characters hidden away in the gallery by painter Michael CanadaMan Gonzalez. In addition, the art title is the final curtain, identity the cartoon character’s skeletal remains correctly ( from left to right), and win a haunted treat from the

Learn how to cast Love Spells and Revenge Curses. 

Halloween is the perfect time for all things dark, scary and spooky. Of course, some people are looking for something a little more lighthearted. If you’re looking to find true love this Halloween, learn how to cast love spells on someone special. If you’re looking for something more sinister, try throwing a revenge curse on your enemy.

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How You Can Prepare for the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibition and Launch Party

You can do a few things to prepare ahead of time for the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibition and Launch Party. First, send out the link to a list of the people you think would attend to join you in the festivities.

Additionally, make it a thing! Invite everyone to a zoom call on the big night to share in the ghastly sights. Afterward, have all the decorations and refreshments ready in advance.

For more giggles, dress up like a kind of cannabis (strains) – maybe an OG Kush or Sour Diesel. Another idea. Dress up as one of your favorite artists like Andy Warhol or Georgia O’Keefe. Next, grab your laptop or phone with good internet service as the exhibit is virtual. Then, click the “Enter Exhibit” button and enjoy.

For consumers, you can prepare for this event just the same. In addition, you can prep by stocking up on your liken of cannabis accessories like pipes, grinders, rolling papers, and all-important lighters. Let us not forget the medium – cannabis. Along with the appropriate accessories, you’ll want the perfect strain of flower or CBD.

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Finally, explore all the different cannabis-inspired activities that await.

At the End of the Day

By and large, if you want to enjoy a spooky Halloween experience from the comfort of your candy-filled Halloween bucket, then click to join the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit and Launch Party.


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