#THC2021 | Interview with Troy, Creator of The Crazy World of Roach & Budd

L.T. Mock aka (Troy) , the creator of Dallas, Texas-based The Crazy World of Roach & Budd, brings his hilarious cartoon idea to the cannabis space. However, it is about more than illustrations, the Roach & Budd family brings love, laughter, and light to the cannabis industry.

Fire it Up!

Tell us about The Crazy World of Roach & Budd and how you got started.

The Roach & Budd brand started as a funny cartoon idea – The Crazy World of Roach & Budd. After years of planning and preparation with storylines and character development, we finally got the ball rolling. I began with a few designs that I would eventually turn into comic strips, The Roach & Budd “Chronicles”. After a few years of promoting and selling merchandise to help boost awareness, the brand grew. It was time to take the next step and bring the characters to life.

It took several attempts to find the right look as close to my vision as possible, but it finally came together. I went with my sound/production crew to record voiceover/sound for the Animation into the studio. It took a few hours…. and a couple of weeks, lol, to construct our first short episode.

Innovative work and dedication will take you a long way. The first episode has yet to be released,  but you can find clips via our social media sites/YouTube (Roach & Budd TV) as well as our website www.roachandbudd.com.

The actual release date has yet to be confirmed, but it’s estimated to be the first quarter of 2022.

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The Crazy World of Roach & Budd

What motivated The Crazy World of Roach & Budd to travel to The Texas Hemp Convention?

I am a Texas native born and raised, and I have been in the hemp industry for years now. I’m still learning and understanding what all it has to offer. I attended the first hemp convention to see what it was all about.

Then, this year they reached out to me to be a vendor and ended up a sponsor.

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Texas Hemp Convention 2021

Tell us The Crazy World of Roach & Budd’s top-selling product or service.

The top-selling product would be stickers and our Nurse Sweetie T-shirts. And, the top-selling service would be the Pothead Mascot. Everyone wants to chill with Pothead!

We get a lot of requests for him to make an appearance while I get to sign posters and meet our supporters.

What were some challenges you faced entering the cannabis space?

Not to play the race card, but being a Black man in the cannabis industry is tough. You see what’s going on in the world, and it’s like adding fuel to the fire.

I have had my encounters, but thankfully I have been blessed to see different turnouts my condolences  to victims who weren’t as lucky as I was., may they RIP. 

The cannabis industry is such a fun market. The people are kool and the energy is different from what I’m used to. But understanding the laws from state to state can be a bit of a challenge since they are constantly changing.

Not getting the initial support from most of your family or peers was a good one. People looked at me and kind of laughed since I’m always joking and playing, and I guess they didn’t take the idea seriously. I can also say some weren’t too thrilled at me joining the cannabis world.

How do you maintain a positive outlook through it all? 

I like to be an example to my children as they grow as well as others. The universe has a funny way of aligning us with our purpose and showing us things, and teaching us stuff through failure and falling on the way.

Things on a day-to-day may not go your way, but sometimes if you are patient enough and strong enough to endure whatever life throws at you at those moments, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. And, even still, you have to focus and lean on your determination and faith to get to where you vision yourself to be.

Knowing that you will be stronger and very much prepared to overcome whatever comes after you reach the light.

I could go on and on.

Let’s Get Lit!

What have been some of your best practices for promoting The Crazy World of Roach & Budd?

  1. Going to different events and meeting people face to face. I love to see everyone’s reaction to the the brand as a whole 
  2. The Animation clips are super dope. People love to see the characters in action.
  3. Aligning with the right people who have good intentions and love to spread the word. 
  4. The music behind Roach & Budd allows us to be free ranged and enjoy the fun of creating at a HIGH level. “pun intended” LOL. It also gives us a chance to reach other artists with dope music that are interested in being involved in something special.

What do you hope people take away from The Crazy World of Roach & Budd after they leave the convention?

That we aren’t just any brand, we are a family. Above all else, we wish to bring light to the cannabis industry and break these stigmas. Helping to do our part in the fight.

We encourage others to not be afraid and to educate and medicate themselves naturally in a time where the use of opioids is rapidly increasing. Letting them know what’s behind the brand, fully functioning on love, great energy, and bringing people together.

But I do it the best way I know how by laughter and entertainment.

What would you like to see more of at the convention?

Education on the different laws and how to protect themselves if needed. Best strains for specific ailments and how they help fight certain symptoms.

The Crazy World of Roach & Budd
The Crazy World of Roach & Budd

What’s some advice for folks that want to get in the industry?

Educate yourself the best you can and don’t be afraid of not knowing. You never know who or how you help someone by enlightening yourself.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the propaganda.

Pass It Around!

What’s next for The Crazy World of Roach & Budd?

Getting the world more acquainted with the brand. Getting the cartoon to new levels and putting myself and others in better positions to help and make a difference somehow.

How can people reach you?

Several ways social media Instagram @roachandbudd_official or via email roachandbuddmedia@gmail.com.

Also, shoot me a text at 8176304930

Any shout-outs?

Too many to name but to everyone who believed from day one. To my team, of course, to all of our Buddies out there, we highly appreciate the love and support! To CannIWork, for this beautiful opportunity to be heard.

Last but not least, shout out to myself for not giving up on a vision and a dream.


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