#THC2021 | Interview with Nikita Seal, Owner of Pretty Rolls™

In this week’s post, we’re highlighting Nikita Seal, the owner of Pretty Rolls™. She shares with us that she didn’t know how to roll a joint, so it inspired her to bring luxury to the smoking experience for the “feminine” smoker by launching her own pre-rolled cone brand.

Fire it Up!

Tell us about Pretty Rolls™ and how you got started.

I’m a smoker who can’t roll a proper joint to save my life. So, I started using cones and had the idea to start my own pre-rolled cone company. Therefore Pretty Rolls was born.

Pretty Rolls is a play on words (Pre-Rolls). Pretty Rolls™ is not just a company that sells cones; we create luxury experiences for feminine smokers. We host private parties such as Puffin in the Park, Blunts, and Brunch, and our next event will be blunts and yoga.

What motivated Pretty Rolls™ to travel to The Texas Hemp Convention?

Although this was my first one, it only felt right to get my feet wet and be a part of this convention. Second, to meet so many people worldwide in this industry in one place was a no-brainer.

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Pretty Rolls at THC convention 2021

Tell us about your top-selling product or services.

Our top-selling product is our cones. They are slow-burning, with no runs or tears. Pretty Rolls™ are made of rice paper and natural dye which gives them that pretty pink color.

Pretty Rolls Mobile billboard

What were some challenges you faced entering the cannabis space?

Social media is banning my page and all the censorship. Also certain  family members not being supportive initially due to their judgmental way of thinking.

How do you maintain a positive outlook through it all?

I’m a naturally optimistic person. However, I meditate, pray and do a lot of self-care to keep myself grounded in the reality that I choose.

The fact that I choose is the one where everything always works out for me at the end. Even when the outcome is not the one I would have chosen.

Let’s Get Lit!

What have been some of your best practices for promoting Pretty Rolls™?

My best practice is to be authentically me and share the journey with my supporters. In a world filled with so many fakes and illusions. Real people respect REAL.

Pretty Rolls

What do you hope people take away from Pretty Rolls™ after leaving the convention?

I hope that people see that black women in this industry are here, we’re here to stay and more of us are on our way.

What would you like to see more of at the convention?

I would love to see more people of color in this space.


What’s some advice for folks that want to get in the industry?

Know the laws and connect with everyone you can in this industry. People in this industry are some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet.

Nikita Seal

Pass It Around!

What’s next for Pretty Rolls™?

I see Pretty Rolls as a global brand in every smoke shop worldwide. Next year, I plan to tour, host our private parties, and spread pink love to everyone I meet.

How can people reach you?

Follow us on IG @Prettyrolls420 or email us if you’re interested in wholesale at prettyrolls420@gmail.com.

Any shout-outs?

I’d like to shout out my other two companies, Anxiety is a Mutha, our lit ass podcast on Apple podcast, iHeart Radio, etc., and my food truck ZZ’s Ice Cream Puffs.


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