Get Ready to be Blown Away by These Jazz and Blues Women

It’s Black History Month, a time to honor the accomplishments of black people and culture.

Importantly, it’s also essential to highlight black people’s contributions to cannabis culture.

We’ve compiled a list of jazz and blues songs celebrating famous female cannabis connoisseurs. Enjoy!

Ella Fitzgerald – When I Get Low, I Get High

“My fur coat’s sold

Oh Lord ain’t it cold

But I’m not gonna holler

’cause I’ve still got a dollar

And when I get low Oh, I get high”

Fitzgerald picked up her first two Grammys in 1958, making history as the first African American woman to win the award — for best individual jazz performance and best female vocal performance.

Cleo Brown – The Stuff Is Here

“Everybody grab a glass

‘Cause the good stuff’s about to pass

Hey, hey, let’s get gay,

‘Cause the stuff is here!”

Cleo Brown, aka Cleopatra Brown, was the first woman instrumentalist to receive the NEA Jazz Masters Fellowship.

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Trixie Smith – Jack I’m Mellow

“I’m so high and so dry

I’m sailing in the sky

Just smoked some gage

I’m on a rampage

Jack, I’m mellow”

Smith was billed as the “southern nightingale.” During a blues singing contest at the Inter-Manhattan Casino in New York, she sang her composition “Trixie’s Blues” and won first place and a silver cup.

Julia Lee – Marijuana

“Soothe me with your grace

Sweet Marijuana


Help me in my distress

Sweet Marijuana, please do”

As she put it, Lee is best known for “the songs my mother taught me not to sing.”

Bea Foote – Weed




All day long

This artist’s singing style was about drugs and sex. She was one of the better singers in the class, and she had a powerful vibrato. For decades, Foote’s song “Weed” has been regarded as the best song about the plant.

Josie Miles – Pipe Dream Blues

I couldn’t find the lyrics to Pipe Dream Blues. The words are difficult to understand, but I can hear this.

“Had the sweetest dream

Dreamed I was (inaudible)

Feeling happy so it seems

(inaudible) and loaded down”

In 1923 she toured the African-American theater circuit with the Black Swan Troubadours and played in New York City in James P. Johnson’s show Runnin’ Wild at the Colonial Theatre.


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