STAY LOCAL! Take a 4/20 Tour In Your City

If you’re looking for a way to kick off your 4/20 experience, it’s time to break out the map. With CBD shops popping up everywhere, there are tons of fun opportunities to partake in the festivities in your city.

This article is the perfect ice-breaker for the CBD curious.

Take a 4/20 Tour of Local CBD Shops

Touring pushes you to take roads and corners you’ve never taken before. Walking around places you haven’t been to is a great way to learn more about your city.

Best of all, combining this with CBD curiosity, and you’ll find a community you never knew were there… and learning new things makes you see your town differently.

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Here’s some steps to help set up your 4/20 tour experience:

  • First, whip out your trusty phone and click the Google Maps icon.
  • Then, tap the microphone and ask Google “CBD near me” for shops in your area. To expand your search, you can change the keyword CBD to cannabis, hemp, weed, or marijuana. Try adding black-owned, woman-owned, covid-19 or LGBT attribute to further customize your experience.
  • Third, map out the shops by saving them and adding the location to your “Want to Go” folder in Maps. It’s a good idea to contact the CBD shop via Google Maps chat to find out the store’s hours of operation on holiday.
  • Next, invite some fellow tourists for a day of exploring by shooting them the location links of your mapped-out 4/20 experience.
  • Afterward, mask up and pick up the gang or meet up at the location. Add some snacks and plenty of water.
Photo by nappy

Do the 4/20 Most

In addition to your dope agenda, dress-up in your 4/20 best to really get your green vibe going.

Plus, everyone can participate in the adventure. On the way to the destination, each group member gets a CBD shop on the list to highlight to group. An excellent place to start is reading aloud the company reviews in their Maps listing. Moreover, don’t forget to add your “if you look over to the right…” tour guide voice.

Importantly, once inside the shops, spend some time educating with staff. The visit is your opportunity to ask burning questions about CBD and its available products and services.

Lastly, get up close with their 420 friendly goodies and freebies. 


You just created an amazing 4/20 experience! What ideas do you have for celebrating this year? Drop us a line below to let us know.


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