10 Of The Dopest Types of Journals You May Not Have Heard Of Before

A Cannabis journal is a journal where you document the effects of cannabis on your mood, mental health, sleep patterns, and physical health.

Keeping a Cannabis journal is essential for people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes to monitor how it affects their symptoms and to see if they are getting the desired effect.

It can also be beneficial for people who use cannabis recreationally to track how much they are smoking and to ensure that they don’t develop any adverse side effects from using too much.

With that, Cannabis enjoyers don’t have to restrict themselves to cannabis facts and feelings. You can also incorporate other interests and hobbies to enhance your journaling experience.

Here are ten different types of journals you may not have heard about before to grind with your herb.

1. Blog Journal

Keeping an online blog journal can be a great form of self-care. If you’re blog journaling about something that has happened in your life, you can revisit old posts.

Such as past cannabis events, when you’re feeling nostalgic or want to remember how things used to be. It’s also a way to get feedback from others on your thoughts and ideas.

Importantly, you can use blog journaling to document your self-improvement. Reflect on the things that make you happy.

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2. Geography Journal

A geography journal can be an excellent way for adults to explore the cannabis world around them. You can track and learn about local cannabis stores like this.

You can use this style of journal to record where you’ve been, what you’ve seen, what you smoked, and what you’ve learned.


It is essential to keep your geography journals in chronological order, so you don’t forget where and when you enjoyed your experience.

3. Quilt Journal

Quilt journals are a creative outlet for quilters who enjoy cannabis. These journals allow quilters to record their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the art of quilting.

A quilt journal can be anything from a simple sketchbook to a more complex scrapbook-like collection of memories. It’s often used as a tool to help teach others about the art of quilting.

4. Memory Journal

“Weed causes memory loss.” Not anymore! Memory journaling is used to remember things that happened in your short and long-term memories.

With this, everyone has a different way of remembering their memories. Ask yourself what type of learner I am? And how do you want to place your memories?

The motivation behind this is that by recording your memories and reflecting on them, you can better understand yourself and your life. This will lead to improved mental health.

Memory journaling can also help you come up with new ideas or solutions for problems you are currently facing in life.

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5. Cannamama Journal

Cannamama Journal is designed for mothers who want to document their journey with cannabis during pregnancy, after birth, or both. Use this journal to write down your feelings, thoughts, and worries about being a new mom.

It provides space for recording your experiences with cannabis use during pregnancy and is an excellent tool for coping with postpartum. A cannamama journal can also note baby care, breastfeeding, and other topics relevant to new cannamothers.

6. Travel Journal

Keeping a travel journal is perfect for documenting your cannabis trips around the globe and remembering the high times. It also allows space for you to reflect on the people you met and what you have seen and experienced.

Not only is it about writing down your thoughts and feelings – it’s about capturing the moments you want to hold near for a lifetime.


It is important to note that the best time to write in your journal is when you are feeling fresh from an experience or event that you’ve just had. This way, you can capture all the details without forgetting anything important.

7. Medicine Bag Journal

The Medicine Bag Journal is a way to track the progress of your healing journey. It has gained popularity among those who are interested in exploring their spirituality or who need healing from trauma or addiction.

A medicine bag is a sacred object traditionally used by Native American tribes for spiritual and medicinal purposes. The medicine bag journal is based on the idea of carrying personal items in a medicine bag for use during ceremonies or rituals.

8. Dream Journal

A dream catcher journal is a book where people write down their dreams. It can be any type of book, but it should be something you will remember to use every night. This could be an option for those who like to medicate before going to bed.

The goal is to keep track of your medicated and non-medicated dreams and see if there are any patterns or recurring themes. You may find that some of the same themes show up again and again, which would indicate that there is something in your life (or strain) that needs to change.


While journaling is a personal process, it can be helpful to create a system that works for you. When writing in a notebook, you could take photos and paste them into the book and draw pictures or doodles on the pages.

9. Sketch Journal

A Sketch Journal is a dope place where cannabis enjoyers can draw ideas, memories, and observations. Sketch Journals have been around for centuries and are still popular today. However, as new digital tools come around, people may stop finding sketching desirable. 

They are just as valuable today to help us develop ideas in an environment that prompts us to think outside the box.

10. Mystery Journal

Mystery Journal is a journal that is written in a way that the cannabis writer does not know what will happen next. The idea of this journal is to keep the writer creative, on their toes, and imagining what twists and bends will be penned next.

Mystery Journal came about because people are always looking for new ways to keep themselves entertained, and this is one way to do just that.

In A Hemp Shell

Cannabis enjoyers don’t have to restrict themselves to journaling cannabis facts and feelings.

Cannabis journaling can also incorporate a wide variety of interests and hobbies to make your journaling experience more enriching.

Whether you’re into quilting, travel, or spirituality, cannabis journaling has something for everyone.

What do you incorporate into your cannabis journal? We’re looking forward to reading your response in the comments below.


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