Sleeping and CBD for Pain Relief and Self-care

6 self-care techniques for better rest if you are sleeping with chronic pain.

Sleep is essential to self-care because it helps our body rejuvenate and heal. Anyone can enjoy more sleep, but chronic pain sufferers such as myself, need it more than others. This is because sleep helps combat the symptoms of chronic pain.

With that, folks with chronic pain experience a higher pain level when they are not getting enough sleep. In other words, in the absence of restful snoozing, our bodies are more sensitive to discomfort.

Sleeping with the enemy

You are not alone if you sleep with chronic pain. In the United States alone, citizens living and (likely sleeping) with chronic pain are at 20%.

For the 50 million people who sleep with chronic pain, it could be hard to imagine how restfulness feels. At this point in my pain, I have forgotten the feeling of peaceful slumber.

Back, neck, and shoulder pain, headaches, and arthritis are the most common areas of pain. I can check the box for each. So – trust and believe all I want for Christmas is a goodnight’s sleep. 


Sleep deprivation can lead to depression, weight gain, and heart disease. Moreover, sleep deprivation can lead to increased sensitivity to pain.

As a result of the brain’s inability to produce adequate amounts of natural painkillers, pain signals travel from the affected area straight to the brain leaving the muscles constantly tensed and exacerbating existing pain.

6 self-care techniques for better rest if you are sleeping with chronic pain

Falling asleep and staying there may be difficult if you are in bed with nothing but pain in your mind and in your body. Chronic pain can keep the sandman from visiting because the discomfort prohibits reaching deep REM sleep.

The longer we lack sleep the more it worsens the pain and keeps it going longer. However, chronic pain sufferers can drastically improve their well-being by targeting prime rest time.

There are many techniques that people can use to improve their sleep quality. One of these is by using a specially designed pillow. Others include:

  1. Relaxation practices— several folks with chronic pain find it challenging to relax affected muscle groups, which makes it difficult to doze. Techniques like mindful meditation before dozing may help you to relax.
  2. Journaling – keeping a log of when and how you sleep can help provide personal insights into your issues and may provide helpful documentation for your physician.  
  3. Napping – people with chronic pain will experience worsening discomfort as the day passes. A best practice is to make time for naps when symptoms are not too severe.
  4. Stop using your device before bed – phones and other screens emit blue light, which can disrupt our sleep cycles. Try reading a book to unwind before hitting the hay.
  5. Create a personal sanctuary – cover your chamber in delicate fabrics, wear comfy bedclothes, or add dreamy scents such as lavender or cedar wood oils.
  6. Alternate care – people sleeping with pain may find care with hemp-derived relaxing cannabinoids such as oils, tinctures, and creams.

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Hemp-derived products for sleeping

Hemp-derived oils or CBD come from flowers, leaves, and stalks that grow from industrial hemp plants. You can find CBD oil in many forms online or in your local CBD shop. (See our article STAY LOCAL! Take a 4/20 Tour In Your City)

One use for CBD I use is body oil for pain relief and anxiety reduction before I lay down. It can be rubbed onto the skin to care for pain in joints and muscles. In addition, CBD offers oral methods such as edibles to care from the inside out.

Because CBD interacts with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, which maintains homeostasis, or a state of balance within the body, it may help acceptors with sleep disturbances. That includes regulating critical processes such as the sleep cycle. However, much, much more research must be conducted to determine the effects of CBD on sleep.

Cann I Questions

Cann I use CBD topical for sleeping?

If you know taking CBD by mouth is not your thing, try using topical creams and balms instead! Topical also supports a healthy sleep cycle. 

About half an hour before bed, add it to your nightly #SelfCareisEverything routine. Apply and massage the chosen topical to your neck, back, arms, or any affected area that needs a kiss goodnight. 

Which do you think is better for sleep, CBD or THC?

The decision is solely up to each person, as we are all complex creatures. Educate yourself. Speak with your doctor and/or a licensed cannabis physician.

Both compounds have their benefits, but what I have discovered to be the difference between them for sleeping?

THC can make it easier for me to fall asleep faster. However, I also find it causes me to have less restful sleep. In comparison, I prefer CBD to care for my sleep quality because it seems to relax the muscle spasms keeping me slumber.

In a Hemp Shell

Sleep is a vital necessity for the human body to function optimally. It can be difficult to get the right amount of sleep at night because of chronic pain, but there are practices and self-care tools that can help you get better quality sleep.

It’s important to understand that everyone has different sleep needs, which is why it’s essential to figure out what works best for you.

Which practices do you use to help you sleep better with chronic pain? Let us know in the comments below.


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