10 Things You Should Do Before Visiting Merida, Mexico

I’m the type of person who wholeheartedly embraces the opportunity to explore cultures and customs on a deeper level. Here, in Merida, I often get the chance to interact with locals, experience their customs and traditions, and learn about their history.

However, some people can be really stressed out during their first time traveling to a different country. It’s not just the planning and booking process (which can be tiring enough) but also the various uncertainties that may arise. This can include being unfamiliar with the language, unsure about currency, or not knowing what to pack.

However, with some research and planning, visiting Merida, Mexico, can be an exciting experience full of new memories and experiences for the most novice traveler.

I’ve compiled 10 things you should do before visiting Merida, Mexico so you can relax, relate and elevate your experience.

1. Check your Passport expiration date

You should guarantee that your passport is up to date and has plenty of time before it expires.

When a passport expires, it nullifies your international travel, and you will be unable to fly overseas. So, it is essential to update it before it expires and avoid getting stuck in a foreign country without a valid passport.

2. Check Types of Mexico Visa

Depending on your needs, there are three types of Mexico visas to check out. Each with a different duration of stay:

3. Identification

It is paramount to keep some form of identification when traveling; you never know when you might need it. For example, Lawd forbid, if you are in an accident and someone needs to get in touch with your family, they will need your ID.

4. Book your flight

Generally, the earlier you book your flight, the cheaper it will be. Unfortunately, fares constantly fluctuate, and it’s difficult to predict whether they will increase or decrease. If you’re interested in finding a good deal on flights, booking at least 3 to 6 months in advance might be your best choice.

Tip #1

Chat with friends and family who have already been to the country so they can guide you on places to stay, beautiful landmarks to visit, delicious food, and engaging cultural activities.

5. Book your hotel or accommodation in advance

Booking your accommodation in advance is a great way to save money. Accommodation prices almost always drop when you book it in advance, and you can guarantee that your room will be available when you get off the plane.

6. Check the COVID-19 vaccination requirements for Mexico

If you’re traveling anywhere in the world, you should always check your country’s vaccination requirements.

Tip #2

Expat Facebook groups are a fantastic way to learn more about a country before traveling there. You can also find other ex-pats who have lived in the country, so they can share their experiences with you and answer questions you may have.

7. Pack some local currency and spare credit cards

If you are journeying internationally, it is a good idea to pack some local currency and spare credit cards. You can’t predict what will transpire when you traverse, and having the ability to easily exchange money or buy credit on a card can save you from being stranded in a country due to a lack of funds.

8. Check the weather forecast for the country you visit before traveling

Weather forecasts are essential before you travel to a country. Depending on the area, you might need to pack different things like jackets and extra socks. You can use the weather forecast to determine if you should plan your time around outdoor activities or stay inside and enjoy the hotel amenities.

Tip #3

Watch videos from foreigners who have already experienced the culture, language, and customs and what they wished they knew before traveling.

9. Make sure the pets are looked after before traveling

Animals are members of the family, so it’s essential to ensure they are cared for before traveling. To help preserve your pet safe while you’re away, it’s a good idea to hire a pet sitter who can tap in with your furry friend throughout the day.

10. Have plenty of Medication and emergency contacts notified

Being prepared for medical emergencies can be difficult, but not impossible. Make sure to have a backup supply and emergency contact information on deck before traveling.

+ 1. What you need to know about Cannabis in Mexico?

As a visitor to Mexico, you might be tempted to buy some herb, thinking it’s legal. But is it?

“Medical marijuana is technically legal in Mexico. However, there is no framework in place to obtain a prescription or prove one’s own medical status.

Possession of up to 5 grams of cannabis for any purpose, medical or otherwise, has been effectively decriminalized nationwide, although local and federal police often do not respect this status. 

Mexico’s Supreme Court has declared cannabis prohibition to be unconstitutional, but as of July 2022, Mexico’s Congress continues to struggle to pass a full legalization law that would establish the legal means to grow, sell, and possess for all adults.” ~ Leafly.com

In A Hemp Shell

I hope this article helped at least one person feel prepared and confident in their first time traveling to Merida, Mexico. 


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