Exploring Merida, Mexico: A Fun & Relaxing Adventure While Searching for CBD Oil

Merida Mexico- experience the breathtaking sights, indulge in the ancient culture & cuisine, and have a blast in the never-ending outdoor adventures! This city has something for everyone. Ergo, if you’re a CBD acceptor exploring shops and boutiques for your favorite CBD oil, then this is a fun and relaxing adventure for you.

Where Exactly is Merida, Mexico?

I get these questions a lot. Merida, Mexico is chillin’ in the Yucatan Peninsula, the perfect place to kick back, relax and enjoy some delicious Mayan food. It’s a vibrant and lively city with a unique culture and history that has been shaped by its diverse population. It’s home to some of Mexico’s best beaches, archaeological sites, and cultural attractions, making it an ideal destination for tourists and locals alike.

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Could you please let me know if CBD oil can be purchased in Mexico?

Have you been wondering if you can purchase CBD oil in Mexico? The answer is si (yes)! Thanks to Mexico’s legal system, you don’t have to break the law to get your hands on some CBD oil. Much different than the U.S., Merida holds strong Yucatan traditions. Therefore, there are very – very few stores that carry CBD products. However, they do exist.

If you are in the Centro area, I recommend Ay Granel Centro located at Calle 62 397, Parque Santa Ana.

But, before you head out in search of the perfect CBD oil, here is a tip to consider – don’t worry, it’s all good! Flower-derived CBD is the legal type most stores will have. So don’t forget: look for flower-derived CBD oil when shopping!

I’m Ready to Roll! What’s the activity?

When you are walking through these Merida streets in search of the ancient herb, look up to the corners of the buildings at the intersections and you’ll probably notice the charming terra cotta-type signs on many of the street corners. These signs feature such curious symbols and names that I started taking pictures and asking questions.

What do these signs mean? Are they just decorative pieces or do they have a deeper significance?

Bruce Edmiston has done a lot of work researching the history of these and found Merida to have 264 of these pieces. Some can be documented as far back as 1794. He found the names of the street signs to have been around for centuries but the Spanish colonizers gave symbols to the names so people could find their way around the ever-expanding city. 

Whether it’s a historic legend or an old joke, every corner has something to say. Even though these tales have been passed down from generation to generation, time is slowly chipping away at them and they are being lost to the annals of history.

What I find is each of the street signs is a unique piece of Merida’s past, they make for an exciting, picture-worthy stroll through time.

UPDATED 2/12/2023

In a Hemp Shell

How many of these fascinating street signs did you find? Let me know in the comments below.


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