How to Buy Legal Cannabis in CDMX Mexico – With Tomas Paz of

When I first heard about the marijuana scene in Mexico City, I was excited to visit and experience it myself! I was sure getting cannabis would be tougher than pulling a rabbit out of a hat – turns out it’s more like picking up groceries from the store! Who knew it could be this easy to access it legally?

Whether you’re curious about Mexico City’s distinctive cannabis culture or keen to explore all that it has to offer, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.

From learning about Mexico City’s laws regarding cannabis to exploring the area’s cultural activities, roll with me as we take a closer look at what Mexico City has in store for you from Tomas Paz, co-founder of the Thulio. app.

Let’s Get Lifted

What is

Thomas Paz and his cofounding trailblazers created the Thuilio. app – the first for the country of Mexico. It is multiplatform to help make a difference in the world of cannabis: transforming its long-standing stigmas one puff at a time!

They offer Mexico-based news about their laws, offer a marketplace, and even educational resources to help you become a responsible consumer. All the details you need in one spot!

Where is Thulio located?

TP: It is in the heart of beautiful Roma Sur.

Dab into Business

How did you get started in the cannabis space?

TP: I started in cannabis 10 years ago as an activist. We marched to the Zocalo to make the people know that we have the right to consume. I take cannabis as medicine and its uses are what represent me to be Tomas. It’s a part of Tomas.

What are the laws around cannabis in Mexico?

TP: There are a lot of changes in the law. The Supreme Court decided to make the dispensary. But, we don’t have a law for taxes or for imports. For that reason, there’s no possibility to import. That’s what makes us different.

Mexico Legalization Resources

We made a registration that records the history of all the plants we have. In waiting, are another 20 different seeds. And, one by one we recognize them like tequila is illegal in other countries. 

Hop on DiDi and explore Mexico like never before!

Whether you’re in the mood for a scenic drive or just have to get somewhere fast, DiDi will take you there in no time.

How Cann I get cannabis legally in CDMX?

TP: When people hook up with The High Community, you pay $420 pesos to register. Registration gives you an opportunity to get cannabis from Thulio, and the cannabis we grow. That is one way to get legal cannabis in Mexico. 

If you are visiting for a short time, stop by and shop Thulio in Roma Sur.

Currency Converter

420.00 MXN = 22.466 USD

1 MXN = 0.053491 USD
1 USD = 18.695 MXN

Change from MXN to USD: -94.651%
Rates updated Tue, 21 Mar 2023 11:13 AM EDT

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