#THC2020 | An Interview with Dionne Davidson of Houston Academy of Cannabis Science

What’s next for you? 

Obviously I’m going to continue to educate. We’ve had offers to train company’s employees. One of my biggest goals is to eventually have our own building where we can be more hands-on with the students. We want to be able to do everything from making our own products to outsourcing. We’re really excited about that.

How can people connect with the academy and Nu-Wellness Today?

They can go visit our website for the school at houstonacademyofcannabisscience.com.

They can also call us at 802-777-3672 if they want to find out more information about the school, how to enroll, and finals.

On Facebook and Instagram, it’s @Houston Texas Academy.

For the store, you can find us a @New Wellness Today on Instagram.

Women are gracefully shrinking the female to male industry divide. Dionne and the Davidson family are doing just that, purposed towards fulfilling their hemp dreams.

Here are some Takeaways:

  • Ask and ye shall receive.
  • Local events are networking opportunities.  
  • Family and community are the industry’s backbone.

Have you started a hemp venture with a family member? How has your experience been? Drop us a comment below to let us know.

Are you ready to learn more about entering the hemp market?

We can help!


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