About Us

Cann I Work is a Black Woman-owned, Texas-based, brand awareness medium to our history, presence, and future in the psychedelic space that bridges the gap to education, empowerment, and engagement for those who would otherwise go without.

For the Curious

Does scrolling social media for hours take too much of your time? Are you looking for Black and Brown owned psychedelic products and services? How about economic opportunities in the market?

At Cann I Work, we understand searching the internet for real people, doing real things in the market can be difficult. So, we provide you a platform that connects you to quality brands and professionals in the psychedelic community to get your questions answered.

  • Educate with our blog series featuring community leaders, influencers, and insights. 
  • Empower with our Niches Get Riches program so you can develop your psychedelic idea, launch your niche online, and start your hemp hustle with confidence.
  • Engage in our feature events and happenings relevant to your needs.

Our Vision

To create economic opportunities for people and communities disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs.

For Businesses

Are you hunting for a psychedelic friendly marketing platform for your brand?

We believe it is important to show the human side of the plant. That’s why we provide a platform to get brands in front of curious folks. Here you can build strong relationships by establishing brand identity, credibility, and loyalty while providing quality education that empowers psychedelic-learners about the wellness and economic importance of black and brown presence in the space.

  • Educate the curious with a blog post featuring your brand.
  • Empower by making us a part of your social media strategy. It’s not only an opportunity to create strong relationships; it helps you reach your target population, establish brand identity, credibility, and loyalty.
  • Engage in Cann I Work events to increase your brand’s exposure. This is an opportunity to network and get in front of an influential psychedelic-focused audience to build brand recognition.
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