Cannabis Based-Art | How Is Transforming Halloween

Cannabis based-art is a new art movement that has been evolving in recent years. It includes a variety of disciplines, but the goal is always to use cannabis as a medium.

The CannabisArtGuild.Org is one organization on a mission to show off cannabis’ versatility. As a result, normalizing the plant. The Guild strives to unite artists voices from the four ends to take part in cannabis-based art exhibitions. They’re launching their first ever Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit this October. It’ll be here for Halloween and stay until the end of November.

But, before we get into the tricks and treats, let’s take a look at what cannabis-based art is.

What is Cannabis-Based Art?

Cannabis-based art is a type of fine art that utilizes the cannabis plant and its extracts for the sole purpose of artistic expression. Even though, it’s been around us for centuries, cannabis-based art has gained notoriety. This is partly due to increased social acceptance in the United States.

Notably, some artists who work with cannabis use the plant in both their process and execution of work. The materials allow artist to create pieces from different facets of cannabis culture, such as music, mental health or how it affects people’s perceptions.

Furthermore, the word “canvas” originates from “cannabis”.


What Is is an online art gallery. Its Founders include Lee Estes, Wendy Love Edge, and Tom Estes. With the expertise of Richard Rose, the trio tapped into the potential of art in the cannabis space. website screenshot. Halloween exhibit

Meet the Founders

LEE ESTES – DETROIT, MICHIGAN company director, Lee Estes.

Company Director – Lee Estes worked for several years with international indie musical artists as an online promoter. He had a vision of cannabis-based art displayed on a global scale. From there he used his background in music to bring his knowledge & love of art to the cannabis industry. With that, innovative technology.

Wendy Love Edge – Fayetteville, USA executive director, Wendy Love Edge.

Executive Director – Wendy Love Edge is an author, illustrator, painter, talk show host, and activist for cannabis medicine and health freedom. Even though she’s disabled, this survivor of the American healthcare system believes people should make informed decisions about their well-being.

Tom Estes – London, ENG guild rep for united kingdom, Tom Estes.

Guild Rep. EU – Tom Estes studied his craft in France and the United Kingdom. His work transports the observer to dark futuristic wonderlands. Although skilled in many disciplines, digital photography is the pulse of Tom’s practice.

Richard Rose – Legendary Hemp Foods Pioneer advisor, Richard Rose.

Guild Adviser – Richard has designed food for people for over 30 years. Hence, Richard is the Hemp Nut of HempNut Inc. He created the company around the vision of shelled hempseed as a replacement for soy in the food industry. His dream became the prototype business model for the hempseed industry.

The founders of hope to provide a platform for artists interested in exploring new ways of expressing themselves through their paintings and digital artwork.

And, it seems like they’re on the right track. There are several talented artists lined up for their 1st Annual Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit!

First Annual Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit

CannabisArtGuild.Org’s Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit is a free online event happening October 30 – November 30. To begin with, it is for anyone 18 and up in the community. Next, efforts go to support healing and self-expression. 

The exhibit is a grassroots initiative with no corporate cannabis funding. Its motivation is supporting Humboldt Grace’s Fire Recovery Project. Efforts help small cannabis farms and the community of the Emerald Triangle recover from California Wildfires. Equally important, the Guild focuses on freeing cannabis prisoners.

Like in all forms of art, not everyone will appreciate the 1st Annual Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit. It’s deep and gritty. The art pieces are thought-provoking. On the other hand, some are light and whimsical Yet, others are a bit scary. Moreover, the 1st Annual Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit is visually refined entertainment.

In addition, it’s a great way to celebrate Halloween!

Here’s what to expect from the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit


Visitors will indulge in fifty-plus mind-bubbling mixed media artworks from over twenty worldwide. With that, the 1st Annual Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit features musical artist – Bridge City Sinners. A top artist in the rapidly growing Blackgrass music movement. This band’s funky folk sound does everything but stay in one genre.


The 1st Annual Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit could be the cannabis community’s first Charitable NFT auction. 

That said, along with legendary Australian Street Artist RonX111 and World-Class Animator Destrola to auctions off art pieces that benefit Humboldt Grace’s Fire Recovery Project. 


Celebrate the holiday with the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit at the Launch Party on The party starts at 10:00 PM EST. The Master of the Macabre, Lee Estes, promises 90 minutes of tricks, treats, and tunes for ghouls and goblins alike.


Experience Cannabis in a whole new way this Halloween! Get involved in the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibition and help the CannabisArtGuild’s change the world’s relationship with cannabis.


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